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We hold fast to our belief of being an agent for change through the creation of diverse leaders and an inclusive environment that enables lasting social transformation. For this reason, we have a strategic fundraising agenda that aims to encourage our community to contribute towards the betterment of the school and its future leaders.

The Centenary Foundation Trust


We are aware of the enormous responsibility that comes with the management of assets for future generations. The Foundation’s investment strategy is to grow the capital in real terms while providing an annual annuity for specified projects. The Centenary Foundation is directed and managed by a Board of Trustees and is subject to an annual audit. Financial reports will be available on request. 

The Foundation is a trust, which enjoys Public Benefit Organisation status. WPPS is the sole beneficiary

Our fundraising focuses on the following areas:

The Scholarship Fund

Every year Western Province Preparatory School (WPPS) invites scholarship applications from boys entering Grade 4. WPPS believes that there is no better tool than education to create opportunities and experiences for young boys to unlock their true leadership potential. Preference will be given to applications from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Future Teachers’ Academy

A programme of mutual benefit to student teachers and to the school community, this academy will provide students with mentoring, classroom experience, and leadership opportunities


As our society grows and changes, so too must our school, maintaining and enhancing its outstanding facilities, and expanding its grounds to accommodate exciting new developments.

Teachers’ Endowment

Recognising the immeasurable importance of our teachers, we intend to invest in their training, accommodation and retirement, ensuring that WPPS continues to attract the very best staff available.


We commemorate old boys on a pathway that connects our two school grounds. A personalised plaque can be purchased and will be installed on this pathway. Order your plaque by clicking on this link.

Centenary Fund Trustees

Wayne Naidoo, Anthony Sedgwick, Carlo Dixon, Robert Oellermann, Juliana Dreyer, Michael Kirsten, Samara Totaram, Neil Warren and Nkululeko Mvulana.