At WPPS we have two classes in Grade N (00), for boys who turn five years old, and two classes in Grade R (0), for boys turning six years old. In each of our Pre-Prep classes, we have the invaluable support of a classroom assistant. The boys enjoy their own fun-filled and well-equipped playground, which encourages confidence, gross motor development and immeasurable social interaction. Emphasis is placed on having fun while learning, within a happy, safe and secure environment. We use creative activities, music, and educational games not only to adequately prepare our boys for the more formal learning environment of Grade 1, but also to best prepare them for life.

Western Province Pre-Prep offers a supportive, nurturing environment, which fosters a love of learning and school. Whether it be digging in the sandpit, riding a bicycle, or blowing bubbles in the water sensory trays, we believe that children learn best when they are having fun. Our heart is to create structured, intentional play experiences, ensuring that our boys feel safe to engage and explore. Our focus is on the holistic development of each child. As we prepare our boys for formal learning, we are mindful of creating real, relevant and developmentally appropriate teaching moments that prepare our boys with emergent mathematical and literacy skills. Creativity, curiosity, independence and critical thinking abilities are developed through a theme-based, integrated curriculum.

– Laurelle Fry  (Head of the Pre-Prep and Junior Prep)



At this stage focus is applied to developing motor, language, visual, and listening skills. We enjoy the privilege of specialist teachers, and our weekly schedule includes dedicated Music, isiXhosa and Physical Education lessons. Our boys, in addition, get to enjoy a weekly story in our magnificent Eden Road library.

Our Educational Programme:

  • Literacy (English First Language, and an introduction to Xhosa and Afrikaans)
  • Numeracy
  • Life Orientation (Health Promotion, Social Development, Personal Development and Physical Development and Movement)
  • Arts and Culture (including Music, Creative Craft, Movement and Drama)
  • Technology (Design, Computer and Entrepreneurial Skills)


We have a well-equipped Aftercare facility where the boys are free to spend time playing outdoors or creatively indoors. Boys may attend daily or when the need arises.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide a safe, stimulating and positive environment that enhances and fosters the physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and social development of individual children through play-based learning and discovery. We promote the acquisition of appropriate behaviour and mannerisms through love, respect, diversity, self-esteem, and equality in order to adequately prepare our boys in providing the best possible platform for the future.



WPPS is an Anglican school that respects all religious beliefs. We encourage the boys to share their personal experiences so that they will have a greater understanding of and empathy for their peers. Furthermore, our thematic approach covers various age-appropriate topics and stories for children. It is a medium to inculcate moral values, such as sharing, respect and empathy, as well as a deep sense of caring among children.



At WPPS we believe that children are explorers and innovators by nature and flourish with ample exposure and resources provided.  Regular excursions are planned to places such as the Museum, Rock Pools, Fire Station, Kirstenbosch and other sites of interest, which form part of the curriculum and offer a realistic knowledge of the world around us.



We are of the belief that charity should involve the giving of one’s self, and we strive hard to instil a deep sense of caring within our charges. Our charity of choice (as we are often lovingly referred to as Wetpups) is the SPCA. Our Grade R boys receive first hand exposure during their visit to the SPCA. The entire Pre-Prep is involved in “Chores for Paws”, during which time our little guys get to do all sorts of little jobs around the house in a bid to make a positive impact on the world.



We offer an extensive extracurricular programme, which includes a variety of sports as well as cultural activities. Extracurricular activities often keep our boys afloat with purpose and positive self-esteem. Through these, our boys also learn important skills such as leadership, time management, discipline, teamwork, conflict resolution, and problem solving.

Our boys are spoilt for choice as our extracurricular programme features WPPS games, as well as a host of private activities such as ball skills, judo, pottery, mini chess, mini golf, cricket and soccer.