Junior Prep


The Junior Prep provides an enriching environment with a teaching philosophy that encourages the boys to explore, create, interact, and discover in a positive setting. In each of our Junior Prep classes, we have the invaluable support of an intern. This allows for closer connections between boys and their teachers as well as an additional pair of hands to help make the day calm and happy.

The importance of play is an integral part of the Junior Prep programme as this is a significant means by which boys learn their social skills. This takes place in the classroom as well as outside. The children start to formalise their play activities by initiating rules. When the boys are playing they are supervised by the teaching staff at all times. Boys are encouraged to seek assistance when needed.



Strong foundations for successful learning are laid in the Junior Prep years. Our goal in the Junior Prep is to teach boys to read, write effectively, think critically and creatively as well as communicate clearly. These are essential 21st century skills. We live in a world where technology is part of a young child’s life; however, we must take care not to neglect more fundamental skills, in order to have well-rounded adults in the future. Technology becomes the tool to enhance a concept being taught or for consolidation purposes.

We offer two secondary languages in the Junior Prep: isiXhosa and Afrikaans.

Numeracy – Boys participate in numerous activities to manipulate numbers and to increase their mental maths ability. We work from the concrete with a variety of apparatus before expecting the boys to function in the abstract. In this way fundamental concepts are consolidated and the boys are equipped to think logically and find solutions to a variety of number problems and challenges. As every boy is unique, we work in ability groups to cater for different levels of understanding, always mindful of cultivating confidence and curiosity when working with numbers. Mathletics is a fun maths programme which is used at school as well as at home.



Boys are taken on a variety of outings throughout the year. These outings are closely linked to the themes or work the boys are covering in the classroom. They often bring a theme to life!



Each grade has their own outreach programme. These are appropriate for the specific ages of the boys. Through the various projects the boys show empathy and compassion to the elderly and to those less fortunate.



We have a well-equipped Aftercare facility where the boys are free to spend time playing outdoors or creatively indoors. Boys may attend daily or when the need arises.

Music, Art & Library


Each class in the Junior Prep has an art, music and library lesson once a week. These lessons are relaxing and enjoyable.



WPPS is an Anglican school that respects all religious beliefs. We encourage the boys to share their personal experiences so that they will have a greater understanding and empathy for their peers.



Our boys are educated to accept and appreciate that everyone is different and we celebrate our uniqueness.

Co-operative Learning


A variety of structures are used to help the boys work collaboratively. These allow all boys to be involved in a lesson and feel good about their contribution. The boys are encouraged to think creatively, and question their own ideas and the ideas of others in an appropriate manner.

Outdoor Education


The boys experience outdoor lessons where learning is extended beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Extra Curricular


Sport forms an important part of the all-round education of the Junior Prep boys. In summer the boys play cricket and swim and in winter they play hockey and rugby. In Grades 1 and 2 they are taught rugby skills, not tackle rugby. In Grade 3 they may also take part in judo, tennis, cross country and athletics. We encourage participation and fun in Grades 1 and 2. In Grade 3 sport becomes more competitive and matches are played against other schools in various sports disciplines. All boys receive physical education lessons where coaches concentrate on fun activities to develop gross motor skills.

We have outside coaches offering golf, soccer, judo and Little All Stars to Grades 1 and 2 boys. Other extramurals offered are: chess, art club and pottery.

Learning support: Occupational Therapy, Speech, Remedial and Counselling


We are fortunate to have the services of occupational therapists, a speech therapist, a remedial teacher and a school counsellor. They all have facilities on the school premises.