Creative Arts


Every morning of every school day, WPPS is abuzz with the sound of musical instruments being tuned in preparation for lessons and ensembles; boys singing their choir repertoire as they walk through corridors, where their art creations decorate the walls of our school. The Creative Arts Department is truly alive and thriving, giving every boy the opportunity to express himself in any art form of his choice. It is a privilege to be a part of this life-giving rhythm.

Our vision to ignite and inspire every boy to discover his unique gifting, and then to realise that it takes grit and a determined effort to fulfil potential, is at the heart of every creative activity in our school.


Our primary goal is for every boy at WPPS to develop a lifelong passion for and interest in art. Boys are encouraged to explore and develop their interests and artistic ideas, favouring ‘idea and process’ over ‘technique and product’. For this reason, the boys’ work is unique, diverse and a true reflection of themselves.
Both traditional and contemporary forms of art are explored and, where applicable, technology is used as a tool to enhance and assist the process of making art.
We expose our boys to a number of exhibitions and art outings and invite a diverse range of artists and designers into our department every year, in order to make our curriculum more relevant and meaningful.
Voluntary art clubs and junior pottery are incredibly popular and are also offered to boys throughout the year.


The school produces house plays and school plays every alternate year. The school production is usually a musical. The production of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies was one of the highlights of 2018, showcasing the depth of dramatic talent in the school, and we look forward to our next musical, which will be staged in 2020. Our Grade 7 boys will perform their house plays this year at the end of September. The focus of these plays is to involve every Grade 7 boy in a drama production, either as a member of the cast, as backstage crew, or as part of the Sound and Lighting team. This is a wonderful opportunity for boys and staff to collaborate creatively. Sports coaches, subject specialists and student teachers all work together to produce these plays, showing boys that the dramatic arts can be enjoyed by all. Grades 6 and 7 boys have weekly Drama lessons, during which they explore various topics, using improvisation and dramatisation as tools. Once a week, enthusiastic groups of Grades 4-7 boys meet on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for Drama Club.


Class music is taught weekly from Grades N to 5 as part of the curriculum, so that all boys get to experience music at school. Boys from Grades 1 to 7 have the opportunity to take individual and/or group lessons in any of the orchestral instruments, piano, singing, and African marimbas. Over 80% of the boys from Grades 1 to 7 opt to learn a musical instrument at school. Music boys are encouraged to take music theory lessons, and these are incorporated in the school academic curriculum for Grades 4 to 7 boys. Boys may audition to sing in one of our two choirs, and our musicians try out for our Junior and Senior String Orchestras, Junior and Senior Wind Bands, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, African Marimba Bands or Rock Bands. Our choirs and ensembles rehearse weekly, and perform regularly in assemblies, at ensemble concerts and at school functions. All boys have the chance to perform solo items in our termly music workshops or grade-specific concerts throughout the year. Many boys also sit ABRSM or Trinity College London music exams.

General Knowledge

Our General Knowledge team is made up of senior boys who have a passion for acquiring an interesting and broad range of knowledge. The team meets regularly to prepare for the Inter-Schools Quiz. Spontaneous quizzes are enjoyed by individual classes during the course of the week.


All boys from Grades 4 to 7 end their week with a Friday Enrichment activity. The focus is on broadening the boys’ education with enriching activities of their choice. Boys are engaged and have fun. Activities on offer are: The Brain Game, Comic Book Club, The Art of Making Cards, Dance, Debating, Fantasy Sports League, Gardening, ‘Old School’ – Things That Go, Outdoor Cooking, Scrabble, Plants, Pots & Art, Scratch, Virtual DJ and Writers’ Club.


Boys enjoy their weekly meetings, where they compete with one another to improve their performance, and to climb the ladder. Weekly matches are a highlight for these boys, as they get to test their skills and understanding of the game.

Open Morning


Our website cannot truly portray the quality of life and learning that one experiences as a WPPS Student. Finding the right school is essential. Spending time with the students, meeting the staff and visiting the classes are experiences that will help you make this important decision.

We invite you to apply today and schedule a tour of the school to experience all that is unique about WPPS.