At WPPS, we strive for excellence. Our passionate and well-qualified teaching staff endeavour to ensure that the needs of each boy are met. In an ever-changing world, we face the challenge of educating our boys for the 21st century. In order to achieve this, we embrace and encourage collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. We strive to differentiate our teaching in order to ensure each boy’s needs are met. Understanding the beliefs and values of all who inhabit our diverse community is an essential component of our practice. A student-centred approach is adopted, where the focus of instruction shifts from the teacher to the student; this approach aims to develop learner autonomy and independence by putting responsibility for the learning path in the hands of our boys.
Teaching at WPPS is spread over two campuses. Eden Road is where the journey begins, with our Nursery, Reception, and Grades 1 and 2 classes. It boasts wonderful resources – educational support centres, a pottery room, and a well-equipped Foundation Phase library to name a few. Newlands Road is where the Grades 3 to 7 boys are educated. Buildings, old and new, stand together to create a school steeped in tradition, yet alive with new ideas. Our Technology and Science Laboratories are favourite spaces for many of our boys.
Class sizes allow for close connections with the boys. The WPPS curriculum is rooted in the National Curriculum (CAPS), yet we have the flexibility and freedom to extend boys beyond that. An extremely well-balanced academic programme is offered – languages, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, information and communication technology (ICT), creative arts, technology and life skills.
In each of our Pre-Primary classes, we have the invaluable support of an assistant. The boys enjoy their own well-equipped playground, which encourages gross motor development. We use creative activities, music and educational games to prepare them for the more formal learning environment of Grade 1.
Grades 1 to 3 set the foundation for future learning. Lessons and activities encourage boys to develop independence and confidence, and challenge them to think critically and creatively.
In our Intermediate Phase, high academic standards are maintained across our broad-based curriculum. We continue to develop independent and critical thinking skills.
We offer specialist subject teaching in Grades 6 and 7, affording our boys the opportunity to prepare for high school education. Where appropriate, ICT is used to support and enrich our teaching. We live in a world where knowledge is easily accessible; our challenge is to educate our boys to interpret this information.


WPPS offers the services of a multi-disciplinary support team. Consultant occupational and speech therapists have rooms on the Eden Road Campus, and our pupil support department offers remedial assistance to boys who are experiencing academic difficulties. If necessary, a boy may be referred to a psychologist for a psychometric assessment. Our counselling department provides pastoral care to boys and families, and teachers refer boys encountering emotional and social problems.


By John Smith and Lukas Oelz (“Old Boys”)