Welcome to the WPPS Old Boys Association. The association was founded to keep old boys, past parents and staff in touch with one another and to encourage them to participate in the life of the school. Whether you live around the corner from the school or across the globe, you can find ways to reconnect get involved, and learn the latest on what’s happening at WPPS.


We hold fast to our belief of being an agent for change through the creation of diverse leaders, who enable lasting social transformation. The Trust focuses on the following areas: The Centenary Foundation Trust, The Scholarship Fund, Infrastructure, Teachers’ Endowment and the Future Teachers’ Academy.

Partnership Projects

At WPPS, we actively engage with the wider community, to develop the sense of empathy, social responsibility and togetherness that makes WPPS a truly positive place to be.

Houses & Family Groups

From Grade 1, boys are put into one of four houses. Inter-house activities and family groups are organised accordingly. Staff are also allocated to houses and provide additional support to boys in their houses.