Why Choose WPPS


Anglican Tradition 
We are a Christian school in the Anglican tradition, teaching the Christian faith in an atmosphere of respect for others.

A Curriculum for Life
The school offers a holistic, broad-based education in a boys-only environment. We promote academic, cultural and sporting excellence relevant to our changing world, and ensure a balanced involvement in all three areas.Our staff implements the very best of new trends and practices in education. Our boys thrive in the small family atmosphere provided by the school, with a programme of comprehensive tuition and activities being offered.

Quality Staff 
There is an excellent professional academic team and well-qualified support staff, who nurture the pupils and are specialised to cope with each developmental phase. The classes are kept small to increase individual attention. The entire staff works as an integrated team, and there is mutual respect for the contribution each member makes.

A Feeling of Community
We are a small, family school and we pride ourselves on creating a secure environment where the boys are challenged to develop their unique gifts, and are valued for their contribution. We are committed to learning from success and failure.

Old Boys
Our school’s values, ethos, traditions and facilities are intertwined with the cumulative influences and contributions made by the past parents, staff and pupils. We have a long and distinguished past on which to reflect, and doing so affords us the opportunity to celebrate our wealth of achievements. We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of our boys, both present and past.