Spirituality Statement

Western Province Preparatory School (WPPS) is a Christian school in the Anglican tradition. Accordingly, the school holds that Jesus Christ is both Lord and Saviour, and that salvation is available to every human being only by God’s grace through repentance and faith in Christ.

Our Christian Foundation:

WPPS was founded as a Christian preparatory school in 1914 in the Anglican Parish of St John’s, Wynberg, and remains affiliated to that Parish to this day. Its founding purpose is to provide an excellent all-round education, rooted in the Christian faith.

The Rector of St John’s Parish is automatically a member of the school Board of Governors (the Board), or he/she may nominate another minister in the Parish or the school Chaplain as the Parish representative on the Board.

The school Chaplaincy falls under the spiritual authority and guidance of St John’s Parish. The Chaplain shall be appointed jointly by the Head and the Rector of St John’s Parish, Wynberg.

A “Spiritual and Pastoral Matters Sub-Committee” advises the Board on the spiritual and pastoral needs of the school.

The Constitution of WPPS requires the Board to appoint a Head who is a practising Christian in good standing with his/her church.

The Constitution of WPPS requires the unanimous approval of the full Board for any amendment to any clause relating to the religious affiliation or practice of the school. The Head will endeavour to maintain a high proportion of practising Christians on the staff.


WPPS seeks to express the Christian faith through Worship, Prayer and Teaching:

Bible readings and prayers are part of school assemblies. There is regular worship, prayer, teaching and preaching of the Gospel at the weekly Chapel Service. This service is compulsory for all staff and boys from Grades 3 to 7. Family Services are held at the school. Weekly service is held on the junior primary campus.

The annual Carol Service is compulsory for all staff and boys from Grades 3 to 7.

Every class from Grade 3 to 7 has a weekly Bible education lesson where they are taught the Christian faith.

“Scripture Union” groups give boys opportunities to develop a prayer life, to study the Bible, to express their faith corporately and to begin to reach out to others. See article 18 of the 39 Articles of Religion of the Anglican Church.

Christian Conduct:

The school encourages boys and staff to behave at all times in such a way that demonstrates Christ-like character. There is focus each week on a value theme compatible with Christian teaching. All in authority should be good role models with a vocation to care pastorally for the boys. Christian values should be demonstrated in all the school’s activities and events.


WPPS aims to be a family community which nurtures, encourages and builds up all its members. Pastoral counselling is available through the Chaplain and the teaching staff. Various groups meet to pray for the school community.


WPPS seeks to be a community which shows Christian love in action by:

  • being aware of the needs of others;
  • giving generously;
  • reaching out to and interacting with disadvantaged individuals and communities;
  • making it possible through the bursary scheme and other means for individuals from disadvantaged communities to become part of the school family.


WPPS accepts pupils and staff of all faiths and pupils with no religious affiliation. Chapel Services are compulsory for all boys; however no boy is required to profess anything which is contrary to his belief.

It is expected that all boys will show proper respect and consideration towards the Christian faith practised at the school and towards other faiths which may be represented in the school. Pupils and staff of other faiths may observe certain holy days and feasts of their religious traditions in their places of worship by special arrangement with the school.