Diversity Statement


Western Province Preparatory School recognises that currently the School does not adequately reflect the diversity of our wider community. We believe that, in order for us to educate and prepare our boys effectively for life in a South African and global context, we need to become a more diverse and inclusive School family.

Who are we?

We are an independent, English-medium, Christian preparatory school for boys, and our mission statement commits us, amongst other things, to providing an excellent all-round education. We believe that greater diversity will enhance our identity without compromising our core values.

What is our intent?

Our intent is to embrace greater diversity in our School, both in our staff complement and in our pupil body. Our focus is primarily on racial and cultural diversity. Our goal is for our School to reflect more closely at every level the demographic makeup of the wider community of Cape Town, the Western Cape and South Africa. Embracing greater diversity implies not only practically seeking to change the composition of our School, but also fostering in our School an understanding of the people who make up that community and of their respective cultures, as well as encouraging attitudes that value and appreciate differences.

Why do we want to become more diverse?

Our reasons are both pragmatic and principled.

We believe it makes good business sense to broaden the appeal of our School beyond its relatively narrow traditional base.

We believe it is educationally important to prepare our boys for life in a diverse society if they are to become responsible, contributing and adaptable citizens of South Africa and the world community.

We believe an understanding of and appreciation for diversity is crucial if our pupils are to become fully socially, culturally, politically, economically and morally literate.

Furthermore, in view of our country’s history of racial prejudice and deliberate policies of educational inequality, we believe it is important to extend the opportunities for excellent education to communities historically denied such access.

We believe it is our moral responsibility not only to work towards redressing past inequalities, but also to ensure that prejudice is not reproduced in this and future generations.

How do we propose to achieve greater diversity in our school family?

Firstly, we intend making our School welcoming and attractive to more diverse prospective pupils, parent sand staff members by:

Maintaining a policy of zero tolerance of discrimination and prejudice on the grounds of race, culture, religion or gender;

Actively teaching our pupils, parents and staff the values of respect and appreciation for differences;

Examining current practices to make our school environment more inclusive and welcoming for all boys and their families.