Inclusivity and Awareness Statement


Western Province Preparatory School embraces diversity as part of the School vision to awaken, empower and inspire every boy to become a solutionary for tomorrow. As one of the tools to help achieve this, the Board has established a sub-committee called the Committee for Awareness and Inclusivity. This sub-committee reports to the Leadership Team. Its primary objective is to help develop and implement appropriate measures to create awareness and to ensure that diversity is embraced and enhanced. It is guided by the ethos of WPPS as an Anglican church school, the Constitution of South Africa, as well as the commitment staff and boys take when joining the school to respect each other.

We want everyone to be welcome, and feel welcome at our school. We want all pupils, staff, parents and visitors to feel a sense of welcome and belonging irrespective of their race, citizenship, ethnicity, language, gender, religion, political conviction, social class, sexual orientation or ability. Every member of the WPPS family is worthy of honour, respect, equitable treatment and inclusion. As an institution, we want to understand, celebrate and affirm difference, promote inclusivity and actively challenge stereotypical views of others. We view this as a Christian teaching and as a practical necessity to equip those who pass through our school for a better collective future.

We are committed to promoting mutual understanding and eliminating prejudice. Diversity is accepted as the norm, and is considered integral to quality education and to a strong school. The committee will act with honesty and fairness, and stand up for the truth and what is right in its work to design programmes to identify prejudice, review diversity objectives and help ensure that intergroup conflict is resolved productively.