St Andrew’s College

Our Affiliation

Since 1 July 1959, when ownership of WPPS was transferred to St Andrew’s College in Grahamstown, the two schools have had a close affiliation. This close relationship is maintained at all levels, from the Council to the boys who regularly embark on tours between the two schools. One of WPPS’ objectives is to act as a feeder school to St Andrew’s, and at the start of each year a number of WPPS Old Boys are welcomed to the St Andrew’s College campus.
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A number of scholarships are awarded to prospective St Andrew’s College pupils. Recipients are pupils who have excelled in examinations written early in the Grade 7 year prior to going to St Andrew’s. These scholarships range in value according to whether they are a minor or major scholarship. The financial position of the parents is not taken into account in the awarding of scholarships, but scholarships may be augmented by a bursary in certain cases. For more details, please contact Mrs Mullins via the contact details above.