School Song

WPPS School Song

Words by Pauline Pearce
Music by Valda Bedford

From a land of long tradition
two men of vision came
to a land of growth and promise in the sun.

From a very small beginning
to where we stand today:
celebrating life and learning everyone.

Iusta Tenete – hold fast to what is right.
Iusta Tenete – hold fast to what is true.
Let’s celebrate, let’s celebrate, let’s celebrate our school!

Dedicated men and women
have given of their best
to grow this special family year by year.

Great men have learnt their worth here;
they’ve helped to change the world;
their minds were formed and nurtured with us here.


Blessed by God throughout our journey,
He has guided us each day;
while we look to Him for wisdom, we’ll win through.

With so many years of growing
our values still remain.
Hold fast to what you know is good and true.