Barlow House Boarding


Barlow House is a place that is central to a boarder’s life at Western Province Preparatory School. As is the case in many schools, the boarding house is the heart and soul of the school and Barlow House is no different, and we strive to make a boy’s time with us both enjoyable and memorable.



Boarding allows the opportunity for boys to become involved in a wider range of activities, including fortnightly evening outings and activities. For most boys it is the camaraderie and spirit of Barlow House that is enjoyed most. There is nothing quite like growing up with eleven brothers, working through life’s learning curves together, and forming lifelong friendships.



A boarder’s life is based very much on routine and discipline. This helps many of the boys with personal organisational skills, something that extends to their school work. There is also an emphasis on manners and consideration towards others.     



The boys’ academic progress is of paramount importance and, although there is sufficient free time available to them, strict and thorough supervision is undertaken each evening with regard to homework and test preparation.  



I look to involve myself fully in every aspect of Barlow House, creating a home away from home atmosphere for the boys. With no less than ten staff actively involved in your son’s welfare, you can rest assured that the needs of the boys are fully catered for.

I invite you to contact me at any time regarding Barlow House. We welcome and encourage trial boarding at any stage of the year; a minimum of a week’s trial period is ideal. 

Cell: 0726592403


Barlow House Master


WEEKLY BOARDING (Sunday evening to Friday afternoon)

Boarders arrive on the Sunday evenings between 18:00 and 19:00 in civvies, and these civvies will be worn again on the Friday, when they return home. The boys should already have had supper on the Sunday evening as the school kitchen is closed until Monday morning. 

Evening Prep is an important part of the day. The boys will do an hour of homework after supper, supervised by the staff on duty.

Cell phones are permitted, although they are locked away during the day and boys may access these after having done their homework. Any tuck or treats will also be locked in this cupboard.

Below is a kit list that lists everything that is required. In a nutshell, boarders bring in all the clothing that is required for school during the week, along with a duvet, duvet cover and pillow. Laundry is done at the school by the staff. No civvies will be worn during the week. The boys wear school PE kit or house shirts once they have showered after sport.


WPPS Boarder’s Kit List

Item No. Required
White shirt, long sleeve 3
WPPS navy shorts 2
Belt for shorts 1
Navy pullover, V neck (1 long sleeve, 1 sleeveless) 2
Black knee-length socks 3
Black lace-up shoes 1
School blazer (clean, please) 1
School tie 2
School tracksuit 1
Raincoat 1
Sports kit:  
Navy rugby shorts 3
WPPS rugby jersey 2
White WPPS sports shirt (for squash, hockey, etc.) 2
WPPS rugby socks (for rugby & hockey) 2
White tackies 2
Rugby boots * 1
Hockey boots (or multi-studded rugby boots may be used) * 1
Towel 1
Navy school bag 1
Navy sports kit bag 1
Winter pyjamas 2
Underpants 5
Bath towel 1
Comb/hairbrush and face cloth 1
Toothbrush 1
Soap, toothpaste, deodorant, lip-ice, sunscreen 1
Pillow 1
Duvet with cover (Bed Sheet provided) 1