The WPPS Why


In ensuring that we realise our vision, we have committed to concentrating on three very important aspects in all that we do, and in all the programmes in which we engage for the boys.

Firstly, we need to emphasise transformation by setting up programmes and structures that reflect inclusivity and awareness. We live in a wonderfully diverse country. At WPPS, we embrace diversity and encourage our boys to learn to respect, understand, and value each other’s differences. Learning about other religions, cultures and the many distinct ways that people express themselves is vital for social harmony, justice and peace in our world. We are also committed to transforming our school so that all sectors of our society are afforded the opportunity of learning here and being exposed to a diverse group of school teachers and leaders.

Our second focus is on sustainability. The world is in a very precarious situation now with the destruction of its very fabric being brought on by human activity. Not only must we work hard to incorporate sustainability thinking into our curriculum, but the school needs to set an example by what we do in terms of energy, water, buildings and waste.

The third focus, which will assist in making our boys aware of the world around them, is community engagement. It is important to expose our boys to the reality of the communities that lie outside their Southern Suburbs bubble. The boys need to see and engage with the ills of our society including poverty, addiction, poor education, old age, animal abuse, and the like.

Our strategy at the school is intentionally transformational, as we believe that we need to be at the forefront of educational change in South Africa and make a significant difference in the educational landscape of our country.

The WPPS Why diagram