Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


Our Vision

We awaken potential, empower, and inspire every boy to become a solutionary for our tomorrow.

Our Mission

WPPS is a leading independent Anglican school for boys, committed to all-round educational excellence within an innovative learning environment. By embracing diversity and providing a dynamic, balanced and holistic curriculum, we:

  • Instil our core values
  • Ignite curiosity and creativity
  • Encourage critical thinking and resourcefulness
  • Develop character and grit
  • Nurture community, participation and teamwork
  • Foster service and transformational leadership
  • Celebrate life and learning

Our Core Values

Respect: Showing respect for God, oneself, others and our environment
Integrity: Acting with honesty and fairness
Compassion: Having empathy and caring for our community
Courage: Bravely standing up for the truth and what is right
Humility: Thinking of oneself less and of others more
Accountability: Taking responsibility for one’s actions and choices