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Our Vision

We awaken potential, empower, and inspire every boy to become a solutionary for our tomorrow.

Our Mission

WPPS is a leading independent Anglican school for boys, committed to all-round educational excellence within an innovative learning environment. By embracing diversity and providing a dynamic, balanced and holistic curriculum, we:

  • Instil our core values
  • Ignite curiosity and creativity
  • Encourage critical thinking and resourcefulness
  • Develop character and grit
  • Nurture community, participation and teamwork
  • Foster service and transformational leadership
  • Celebrate life and learning

Our Core Values

Respect: Showing respect for God, oneself, others and our environment

Integrity: Acting with honesty and fairness

Compassion: Having empathy and caring for our community

Courage: Bravely standing up for the truth and what is right

Humility: Thinking of oneself less and of others more

Accountability: Taking responsibility for one’s actions and choices



Western Province Preparatory School (WPPS) is an independent, Anglican School with a mission to awaken potential, empower and inspire every boy to become a solutionary for tomorrow. WPPS fully recognises its responsibility to play its role in the process of redressing the inequalities in society and the marginalisation that some boys experience within the school community.

WPPS sees, as one of its primary objectives, developing and implementing appropriate measures to create awareness and to ensure that diversity is embraced.  It is guided by the ethos of WPPS as an Anglican Church School, the Constitution of South Africa, as well as the commitment that staff and boys make when joining the school to respect each other.

WPPS embraces diversity as part of the School vision to deliver ‘all-round’ educational excellence in ways that contribute meaningfully to the transformation of South African society. With this end in mind, WPPS:

  • wants all pupils, staff, parents and visitors to feel a sense of welcome and belonging irrespective of their race, citizenship, ethnicity, language, gender, religion, political conviction, social class, sexual orientation or ability.
  • as an institution, wants to understand, celebrate and affirm difference, promote inclusivity, and actively challenge stereotyped views of others.
  • is committed to promoting mutual understanding and eliminating prejudice.
  • strives to affirm and celebrate each boy by developing his individual talents, attributes and abilities, and by helping him to learn ways to meet his fundamental human needs better.
  • provides and involves all boys in a broad range of opportunities that include academic, sport, cultural, community service, spiritual, and leadership activities.
  • expects to deliver and achieve the highest standards in all its pursuits facilitated by the appropriate use of technology and teaching methods, as well as learning and psycho-educational support.
  • as an Anglican School that provides education within the context of Christian belief and practice, WPPS respects all religions and encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of all faiths, whilst preserving and developing its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Anglican Church.
  • upholds appropriate WPPS values and traditions while embracing positive change.
  • recognises that social and economic privilege has concomitant responsibilities.

By embracing diversity and providing a dynamic, balanced and holistic curriculum WPPS will:

  • instil its core values
  • ignite curiosity and creativity
  • encourage critical thinking and resourcefulness
  • develop character and grit
  • nurture community participation and teamwork
  • foster service and transformational leadership
  • strive to create a more just and sustainable world
  • celebrate life and learning


WPPS strives to establish and foster a school environment that:

  • represents the demographic diversity of South African society, especially in relation to “race”.[1]
  • is inclusive and welcoming to all.
  • encourages boys, parents and teachers to value themselves, respect one another and to appreciate the differences that exist in our society.
  • understands that diversity brings richness and strength.
  • promotes discussion, dissonance and discourse in a safe space, within a framework of ethical and value-based rules, which leads to a greater understanding of identity, diversity and transformation.
  • offers education for life and is firmly connected to its wider community.
  • clearly communicates a commitment to diversity and transformation so that it is understood and supported by all members of the school community.


A WPPS Diversity and Transformation Plan will set out practical means by which the goals listed below will be pursued. The immediate priorities will include a strong focus on addressing racial diversity.

Goal 1:

To establish an enabling and welcoming environment:

  • that is welcoming to all;
  • where boys, parents and staff value themselves;
  • that respects differences that exist in the school and society;
  • that understands that achieving unity in diversity is a source of strength for individuals and the school, and
  • that allows open discussion and grows from dissonance through constructive dialogue in a safe space, within a framework of ethical and value-based rules.

Goal 2:

To address all forms of marginalisation, prejudice and racism that may exist at WPPS causing boys, staff or parents to feel excluded.

Goal 3:

To actively transform the pupil population to better represent the demographic diversity of South Africa, especially in relation to race.

Goal 4:

To actively transform the profile of WPPS teachers to better represent the demographic diversity of South Africa, especially in relation to race.

Goal 5:

To ensure WPPS sports teams promote the values of the school, and to actively promote fairness in selection.

Goal 6:

To actively transform the cultural activities of music, dance and drama at WPPS to represent the diversity of South Africa.

Goal 7:

To ensure that all academic staff are committed to the delivery of a formal and informal curriculum that is of a high standard. The curriculum content, concepts and resources utilised and selected for all pupils from Pre-Prep to Grade 7 must be relevant, meaningful and appropriate within the context of South Africa and Africa, and must address inequalities in society, marginalisation and the legacy of Apartheid in an explicit manner at every reasonable opportunity across all subjects and teaching.

Goal 8:

To ensure that WPPS boys and teachers are committed to meaningful Social Responsibility Programmes that promote partnerships with other school communities and engage with the broader community in the Western Cape.

Goal 9:

To actively transform the WPPS Board to better represent the demographic diversity of South Africa, especially in relation to race and gender.

Goal 10:

To assist in the transformation of the South African economy by supporting Black Economic Empowerment-compliant companies in procurement and tendering policies.

Goal 11:

To include transformation and diversity on all future Management and Board agendas with the express aim of ensuring that these issues are addressed regularly and in a focused and purposeful manner.

Goal 12:

To plan, implement, monitor and report to the Board of WPPS on activities relating to these transformation goals.

September 2019