Headmaster’s Welcome


Western Province Preparatory School, situated in the beautiful southern suburbs of Cape Town, is an independent, Anglican Church school with a rich history and tradition, educating boys for over 100 years.

The WPPS Vision is to awaken potential, empower, and inspire every boy to become a solutionary for our tomorrow. This statement reflects an ongoing focus within the school. We endeavour to awaken each boy’s God-given talents by offering a wide variety of activities and resources, from which each boy will be able to identify his own strengths, and develop them optimally. In unlocking this potential, our purpose is to empower and inspire WPPS boys to find solutions for the many problems that confront our world. This vision and purpose, we believe, is an educational imperative if we are to live in a peaceful, sustainable and just society in the future.

A WPPS education develops the whole child – namely the mind (academically and culturally), the body (on the sports field), the heart (values) and the soul (spiritually). Boys are not only taught skills, but encouraged at all times to embrace the correct attitudes. Future success requires a combination of skill as well as drive, passion, discipline, resilience and determination. We aim to assist our boys to turn their dreams into reality, by inspiring them to engage positively and with purpose.

Iusta Tenete, our school motto, means hold fast to that which is right. We thus instil our core values: respect, integrity, courage, compassion, humility and accountability. While these values underpin all that we do at WPPS, we believe that respect is the primary value upon which all others are based. As such, we emphasise respect for God, oneself, others and the environment. An emphasis on good manners is a manifestation of this respect for what is happening around us, and is a means for our boys to display their compassion. Furthermore, it is through manners that we learn that “it is not all about me”.

Our dynamic, balanced and holistic curriculum is designed to nurture and develop a love of learning. We aim to ignite curiosity, creativity and critical thinking in our boys and thus prepare them for lifelong learning. We also believe that it is vital for our boys to be aware of those who are vulnerable in our society and to care about them in an engaging and uplifting manner. Community service is an important element in the education of our boys.

We live in a wonderfully diverse country. At WPPS we embrace diversity and encourage our boys to learn to respect, understand, and value each other’s differences. Learning about other religions, cultures and the many distinct ways that people express themselves is vital for social harmony, justice and peace in our world.

At WPPS we celebrate personal excellence. We believe that every boy can be a winner in the sense that he uses healthy competition in order to better himself, and to give of his very best thereby developing a sense of personal achievement, confidence and mastery. We encourage transformational leadership. This leadership approach focuses on each individual being a role player, empowering and facilitating the growth and development of those around us to optimise our collective potential.

In attempting to achieve our Vision and Mission, we strive to provide the boys with the best resources in terms of teachers, equipment and facilities. We strongly believe that children learn optimally when they feel happy, loved, and secure. We strive, therefore, to provide the boys with a happy and safe environment, where they can realise their own personal excellence and become that which God intended.

We welcome you to join us in our quest in educating our boys to become young men of significance, the solutionaries of tomorrow, men who will be equipped with the values, skills and positive attitude to deal with the challenges facing our world currently and in the years ahead.