Board of Governers


Rob Oellermann 1 webIt gives me great pleasure to introduce the members of the WPPS Board. This body is made up of members of staff, St Andrew’s College appointed members, invited members and parent-elected representatives.

The Board is regulated according to the school constitution, a copy of which can be found on this website. The Board meets regularly during the course of each year. Members may be allocated portfolios and, in many cases, are involved in sub-committees that feed back into the Board’s reporting and governance programme.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to provide governance as opposed to day-to-day management of the school. This includes responsibility for achieving the best education for the boys, financial stability and the overall conduct of the school. The management of the school is the responsibility of the staff and, more importantly, the Headmaster and his Management Team.

Educating boys is a stimulating and challenging endeavour. WPPS has a proud record of nurturing and guiding young boys towards adulthood, equipping them with skills, manners and character. The school community embraces innovation and change, bound together by mutual respect, the best traditions and a strong Christian faith.

We acknowledge the passion and commitment to excellence of our teaching and support staff, always knowing that the school works best when boys, parents and teachers all work together. This is reflected in our constitution, in our governance structures, and in all Board deliberations.

Wherever possible, we provide feedback to the school community so that the governance process becomes transparent and inclusive. Please feel free to contact me, or any member of the Board, should you have any questions regarding the governance of the school.

Yours faithfully

Rob Oellermann
Chairman of the Board of Governors

WPPS Board Members


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Mr Rob Oellermann

Mr Simon Weaver

Rev Duncan Mclea
St John’s Parish Representative

Mr Wayne Naidoo
Deputy Headmaster

Mr James Rawbone-Viljoen
St Andrew’s College Representative

Mr Bruce McIvor
Parent Representative

Mr Darryl Cooke
Invited Member

Mr Murad Sirkot
Parent Representative

Mr Nkululeko Mvulana 
Parent Representative

Mr Rory Pringle
St Andrew’s College Representative

Mr Ryan Adams 
Staff Representative

Mr Gerrard Henriques
Diversity Portfolio

Mr Dave Rich
Finco Representative