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Terms and Conditions of WPPS Online Auction


  1. The online auction forms part of the annual WPPS Golf Day Live Auction which will take place on the actual golf day, being Friday 19 October 2018 at approximately 19h00 at the Steenberg Golf Club clubhouse. 
  2. The online auction deadline and cut-off for acceptance of on-line bids will be Thursday 18 October 2018 at 19h00. 
  3. Certain advertised items may be sold online only and others may be sold on either or both platforms as part of one auction process. Such decision remains within the sole discretion of WPPS. Where items are auctioned on both platforms the highest bid received for each and any item in the online process will form and be regarded as the opening bid at the live auction process the following day. The highest bid will be that actually achieved and received at the live auction. No late on-line bids will be accepted except with the consent of the auctioneer. 
  4. Anyone is welcome to attend and participate in the live auction or to appoint a proxy to do so on their behalf. 
  5. The highest bids received for each and any item via the online process and/or the live process are subject to final confirmation and acceptance by the auctioneer. They are also subject to any reserve prices being met (as may apply to any item) and any terms and conditions that may apply to any item as determined by the donor / supplier of such item/s. 
  6. Payment terms are 10 days from the auction date. Should payment not be made in full the sale will be considered automatically cancelled and any item/s in the possession of successful bidders will be returned to the school for sale as it deems fit. 
  7. In the event of any disputes (of any nature) the auctioneer’s decision will be final and binding on all relevant parties. 
  8. WPPS and the organisers of the golf day will not be liable or responsible under any circumstances for bids that are not actually or accurately received timeously by them due to any form of electronic / website or other communication failure or omission, or any other reason whatsoever. 
  9. All proceeds of any auction items, less any reserve prices, will be paid to and go to WPPS without any deduction or set off and shall be utilised by it towards those projects and/or causes as identified by it in its sole discretion.