Winter Sport & Culture Timetable 2016


Our primary goal is for every boy at WPPS to develop a lifelong passion for and interest in art. Boys are encouraged to explore and develop their interests and artistic ideas, favouring ‘idea and process’ over ‘technique and product’. For this reason, the boys’ work is unique, diverse and a true reflection of themselves.

Both traditional and contemporary forms of art are explored and, where applicable, technology is used as a tool to enhance and assist the process of making art.

We expose our boys to a number of exhibitions and art outings and invite a diverse range of artists and designers into our department every year, in order to make our curriculum more relevant and meaningful.

Voluntary art clubs and junior pottery are incredibly popular and are also offered to boys throughout the year.


Dance is offered as an extramural activity. Through the medium of dance, boys are enabled to discover their own innate capacity for the communication of ideas, thoughts and feelings. They get the opportunity to express freedom of movement and interaction with music. Various dance forms are introduced, and the boys choreograph their own dances, which are showcased during assemblies and special cultural events.


The Grades 6 and 7 boys are currently preparing for the school musical, Aladdin, directed by Mr Oliver Steynor. Boys rehearse on Tuesday and Friday afternoons in preparation for the production at the end of the third term. Grades 3 to 7 boys have weekly drama lessons, during which they explore their setwork books through role play, improvisation and dramatisation, as part of the English curriculum. Once a week, an enthusiastic group of boys meets on Wednesday afternoons for Drama Club, where they are currently working on characterisation, using Pauline Pearce’s adaptation of Cloud Busting, a children’s novel, written in verse, by Malorie Blackman.


Class music is taught weekly from Grades N to 5 as part of the curriculum. Boys from Grades 1 to 7 have the opportunity to take individual and group lessons in any of the orchestral instruments, piano, singing and African marimbas. Boys may also audition to sing in one of our two choirs, and the more advanced musicians try out for our Junior and Senior String Orchestras, Junior and Senior Wind Bands, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble or African Marimba Bands. Our choirs and ensembles are currently working towards our Evening of Music and the ABRSM practical exams, which are held in the third term. The Trinity College London practical exams and ABRSM theory exams take place in the fourth term.

General Knowledge 

Our senior boys in the General Knowledge team thrive on the challenges presented at the Inter-Schools Quiz. The focus is to qualify for the Final Round. Much fun and fascinating facts are enjoyed at our meetings. Our GK team performed very well in the first round of the Inter-Schools Quiz. Round 2 which takes place in August, promises to be another exciting and challenging event.

Lectern Club

The focus of Lectern Club is to create a space for Grade 7 boys to sharpen their speech-making skills. We work through the following basics: writing a good speech, powerful introductions and conclusions, and practical presenting skills. The boys present a short speech to their peers in the final week of term.


Grades 3 to 7 boys attend chess practices every Thursday with National Chess Coach Jacques Frick.  With his professional guidance, they get ready for their chess matches on a Friday.  So far this term, all our games have been away, and we have won 2 and drawn 1.  Later in the year, we come up against some of the tougher teams.  We are having a lot of fun.  Well done to all the chess boys!  


This term, the Newlands Road campus will enjoy a day of societies. This fun-filled day is scheduled for 23 June. Boys will sign up for four 1-hour workshops, which our creative and passionate staff will run.