Constitution of WPPS Association

The WPPS Association shall be an association of parents and teachers of the Western Province Preparatory School (WPPS), situated in Newlands Road, Claremont, Cape Town and shall be an unincorporated association of persons.
The WPPS Association was formed in 2006 and succeeded a former body called the Western Province Preparatory School Association which was disbanded in 2003.
The main object of the Association shall to provide a forum to enhance communication between parents, staff and the various portfolio representatives. The Association will not be involved in the overall management of the school, but will aim to draw the parents into the fabric of the school to the benefit of both.
Reporting Lines:
The WPPS Association shall be answerable to the Board of Governors and subject to its directions. The Head of WPPS shall be responsible for reporting on the activities on the Association unless another member of the Board takes over such responsibility. The Association shall work in close co-operation with the Head and the School’s management team as constituted from time to time.
Governance and Composition of the Governing Committee:
The WPPS Association shall be governed by a Committee which will comprise the following people:
• The Headmaster;
• A delegated member of the Board of Governors who shall be one of the three elected parent representatives on the Board;
• An annually nominated or internally elected member of staff from each campus (Eden Road and Newlands Road); and the parent chairs or the following parent portfolio committees and associations:
– The Class Representatives Committee; The Old Boys Association; Dads ‘n Lads; Other parents, staff members, benefactors or old boys may be invited to join the Committee of the WPPS Association on an ad hoc basis from time to time, should, and for as long as, the need for another portfolio or other need arises. The minimum number of members of the Committee of the Association shall be ten people.
The Headmaster will also appoint a minute taker, who may, or may not, be one of the Association’s members.
Apart from the Headmaster and the Chairperson no member of the Committee shall hold office for more than three years, or after their youngest child has left the school, and every effort shall be made to transfer knowledge and responsibility to another willing and able parent within this time to ensure continuity.

The Chairperson of the WPPS Association shall be chosen by the Headmaster from the Committee members (and he shall take account of the wishes of the Committee as to the identity of the Chair). Should there be no suitable person on the Committee (in the sole opinion of the Head) the Headmaster will nominate another from the ranks of the Association with the approval of the Board of Governors. The Chairperson shall serve in the capacity of the Chairperson for no longer than two years, irrespective of how long he or she has already served on the Committee.
The WPPS Association shall meet at least once per school term and minute its proceedings, the minutes of which will be approved at each meeting. The Chairperson shall submit an annual report during October of each year, for the publication in the School’s Annual Report, summarizing the activities of the Association and of the Portfolio committees or member.
No authority vests with The WPPS Association per se. It is simply a forum for communicating the activities of various portfolios among Association members; for the sharing experience; and for offering advice to the Headmaster and fellow members of the Association.
Should any dispute arise among members of the WPPS Association or the Committee the Chairman of the Board of Governors shall adjudicate, and his/her decision shall be binding.
Drafted by: Monica Graaff, representative of Board of Governors on WPPS Association, 08/10/07.