In order to reflect the demographics of Cape Town more accurately, we are offering a number of valuable bursaries to worthy Grades 6 and 7 candidates.

The following bursaries are available:

Academic Bursary: with a strong emphasis on English, Mathematics and/or Science
Sports Bursary: with a strong emphasis on rugby and/or cricket
Cultural Bursary: with a strong emphasis on music and/or art

Applications can be made online  – see form below.

For more information please contact Mrs Kirsty Schaffler on 021 671 8074 or email: schaffler@wpps.org.za

Online Bursary Application Form

Important: kindly note, registering your son on our website for a bursary is an automated process. If you do not receive a letter confirming your registration within 14 days, you need to contact the Admissions Manager, Mrs Kirsty Schaffler.

For this electronic application to be processed, WPPS requires the following:
1. A copy of your son's birth certificate or ID book
2. Copies of parents' ID books
3. Three written testimonials
4. Statement of Financial Circumstances
5. Three months bank statements
6. Copies of latest payslip (in the case of self-employed applicants, please enclose latest audited financial statements)

Please either fax: 021 762 6120 or email: schaffler@wpps.org.za
  • Personal Details
  • Parent 1
  • Parent 2
  • Legal Guardian