January 2016

My wife and I have just returned from a brief stay at Beaverlac. Both of us are fairly old and at one stage we found ourselves in need of assistance. I approached a group of WPPS pupils who were nearby and was overwhelmed by the excellent manners and readiness to assist. These boys went out of their way to ensure all was fine with us. At no time did their politeness or concern appear forced or false. A great deal of time and effort on the part of the school must have been taken to get youngsters to this level. Please convey to the head, teachers and the boys our appreciation and admiration for the work being done at the school. The school and parents should be proud of these fine ambassadors. I only hope the parents are appreciative of what you all are doing.


Malcolm McArthur

Centenary House Plays – Jean Raubenheimer

Thank you so much for inviting me to the House Plays.   It was a most enjoyable evening for me to meet the present staff and boys and the entertainment was superb.   Although WPPS has kept up with the ever changing years, the wonderful character, spirit and humour of the school is constant.    You must feel very proud of yourselves.   You provide a great foundation for the future of the boys which they will treasure for the rest of their lives.



Centenary House Plays – Pauline Pearce

In so many ways, the 2014 House Plays celebrated the life and soul of our school. Boys and staff members worked tirelessly to achieve professional and polished performances. The objective was for the boys to be involved in the process of theatre and to experience the camaraderie and team-work, which is at the heart of any successful production. All who attended would agree that every boy not only rose to the challenge but managed to entertain a most appreciative audience. No less than 59 Grade 7 boys handled themselves professionally as either actors on stage or part of the backstage crew, organising props and expertly providing sound and lighting. I quote from an email sent to staff and boys by Pauline Pearce:”Drama is truly alive and well – in actual fact it is thriving at Wetpups.”



Michael Abendanon – Admissions

Hi Kirsty

Thank you for you email, we are all doing very well thanks, and enjoying our first Cape winter.

David is really happy and enjoying his first few days at WPPS. Thank you very much for your help, we are so happy to be a part of the school now. The experience has been excellent so far.

I will certainly let you know if there is anything we need to bring your attention to.

Kind regards,




Centenary Book – Review

“…a thorough, readable, balanced, honest narrative, with its centre of both gravity and levity so fittingly placed on the people portrayed.”

“ This is a work that will become cornerstone, guide book and benchmark and nourishment for the future of a wonderful and lively educational institution.”

“ A lovely work of art … I like the format particularly, and the obvious enthusiasm of the authors for the subject”.

“It describes and encapsulates so eloquently those lovely years of my life.”

“An outstanding and thrilling publication…… atmosphere of warmth and humour throughout…….a glorious book”.

“I am overcome by the loving, generous and balanced way you have approached all the multiple aspects of the school’s history”.

“Congratulations, and well done on a fantastic publication!”

“He has become totally absorbed and uplifted by your wonderful book.”

“I have had my eyes opened wide to what has been achieved by the school……a fitting tribute to all those who have been remembered in its pages.”

“Perfect in design, wonderfully researched and beautifully structured. The script makes for easy and comfortable reading. A school history to be proud of.”

“….so sensitively, diplomatically and colourfully relating the story around the many people who have passed through this very special school.”

“The school is all about the people who have made it, and you have captured this notion perfectly.”

“All involved in this masterpiece have done a perfect job.”

June 2014


Heather Lees – Rugby tickets

Dear Chris and Gary

Thank you so much for organising the tickets for Saturday’s rugby, the pizzas at the Toad and, of course, for pulling Nige’s name out of the hat. Robbie and his sister Adi were given the treat and they took two friends along. They all so enjoyed the rugby (they said the seats were fabulous) and were very thrilled to be waved through past the queue at The Toad when they mentioned your name, Gary!

Thanks very much for putting it all together.

I wish you well for the rest of the Centenary celebrations.

June 2014


Pauline Pearce 

“Thank you all so much for a lovely morning yesterday. A warm and welcoming atmosphere and delicious food, as always.”

June 2014


Linda Fish – Matric Mothers’ Lunch 

Dear Chris

I have just come back from the lunch. I did not have time to say thank you as I had to rush off with “my lift”.  A  lot of  thought went into the planning even down to getting a speaker. What a lovely occasion! The tables looked beautiful, the food was tasty and it was lovely to catch up with everyone after all this time. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

May 2014


Lynne Gleeson – New Calendar 

“I just consulted the new calendar and it looks great! I like the idea of links to maps, teams etc.”

Many thanks,
May 2014
Highbury Preparatory school – WPPS Centenary Rugby Festival 
May 2014

Trevor Glass – School visit 

“Dear Michael

Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to meet with Tami and I on Tuesday last week. Even after our very short exposure to you, your staff and the school, we feel entirely comfortable that Connor is in very capable hands. His first week ended well which is more than we could have hoped for. Hopefully there are now some early cornerstones in place on which he can develop and grow.



May 2014


Luca, Wayne and Nell Liebenberg – Centenary Rugby Festival 

“Dear All

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for the fantastic weekend we had at your school this weekend. The event was extremely well organised. There was plenty of food, drink and shade. The grounds were kept so clean (thanks Neville) the refs were great and the boys had a great time.

This is the first rugby tournament my son has played in like this and as he goes into high school next year I am sure that he will have the chance to do so again.
We had the pleasure of hosting Trinity School and the boys were fantastic.

The Sweet Valley Boys did themselves proud on and of the field. They learnt to watch great rugby and learnt the life lessons that are taught at such festivals. They have made new friends and I am sure that many of the boys that met this weekend for the first time will go on to be friends in high school.

I have to compliment you on the neatness of your school and also the fantastic quotes that you have up and around the school. I found them inspiring and I can only imagine that they motivate your boys to do their best at all times.

Once again a big thank you from our family.”

Luca, Wayne and Nell Liebenberg

April 2014


Sue Burns – Website

“Great new website. Only thing I can’t find are the maps for the sporting venues.
Please can you put them on under the sports section.”

Much appreciated
Sue Burns

June 2013


Annette Le Roux – Senior Citizens Matinee 

“Dear Mr Hosty

We write to let you know how delighted our residents were with the lovely concert and all the lovely goodies provided. Your generosity and interest in our Home is highly valued.

Thank you for the lovely gifts as well as all the loving care towards our residents.”

Warm regards

Annette Le Roux

September 2013