Caron Perrott

This is a school-driven portfolio aimed at heightening awareness of WPPS in the broader community.

As Marketing Manager of WPPS, Caron Perrott’s role simply put is to build brand awareness and to assist in building positive relationships with our key stakeholders both internally and externally.
* We communicate the WPPS brand relevance in the education market by developing and designing innovative strategic marketing concepts.
* We convey the direction, reputation, loyalty and associations of the school.
Some of the communications used and designed are for example:-
* The school prospectus/ brochure, newsletters, the yearbook, online adverts, press and magazine adverts, tour booklets.
We coordinate and manage various events which include for example:-
* The Baba Indaba Exhibition, Open Day organisation and Breakfast Club meetings

Marketing  continually assess the awareness of the brand, loyalty to the brand, quality perception and associations with the brand. We monitor the changing education environment and the external marketing environment, and the impact this environment might have on WPPS in the future.