Dads ‘n’ Lads


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Mike Buckham


All activities in this portfolio are aimed at creating, nurturing and encouraging an environment for male mentorship and role modeling within the WPPS family. We encourage this by coordinating fun activities and adventures for boys and their fathers, hence the name “Dads ‘n’ Lads”.

In the absence of a dad, boys are encouraged to attend these activities with any other adult male friend or relative. For ease of communication, we use “dads and lads” as an inclusive term in our notices.

We are keen for as many lads to participate as possible, especially those who may not always get the opportunity to enjoy adventures together.

The Dads ‘n’ Lads Crew:

Mike Buckland
Llew Byrne
Kez Flint
Gary Skeeles
Gavin Kode (honorary life member)

Breede River – campout video 

Dads ‘n Lads – cycling video