Class Reps

Joanne Furter 1

Joanna Furter

Term three meeting: Wednesday 19 August

Class Reps are very important in ensuring smooth communication between the school and the parent body and providing invaluable support and energy for a myriad of projects and tasks. Being a Class Rep is a fun, stimulating and enjoyable way to be involved with WPPS. The best part of all is seeing the joy on your son’s face when his Mum (or Dad!) is so much part of the operation of the school.Term Meetings 2014

Term 1 is a busy term with three meetings planned, the main focus of these meetings, besides general class related events, is Fun Night.
During Term 2 we celebrate the success of Fun Night with a fabulous breakfast meeting.
There after, we attend one meeting per term, and most correspondence is handled by email.
Our meetings are held first thing in the morning with delicious refreshments and a light breakfast provided by Fiona Bosman, our Catering Manager.

General Activities

• Attend Class Rep meetings
• Organise Class Socials
• Liaise with your class teacher regarding lifts, functions etc
• Provide a communication link between the school and your grade parents
• Welcome new boys and parents to the WPPS family
• Assist the Fund Raising Committee, Hospitality Portfolio and Marketing.
• Broadening the parents understanding of the functioning of the school.

Becoming a Class Rep

If you are considering a Class Rep position and you would like more information of what this entails, kindly forward me your details and I will contact you.